Are children today much happier


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    Are children today much happier Empty Are children today much happier

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    Do you believe that with the development of our socUGG Bailey Button Triplet
    UGG Bailey Button Triplet Bootiety and economy, children who now enjoy better material support are much happier than those in the past? Do you believe they are much luckier to live in the modern life with higher civilization? Here, I feel like listing some of my personal opinions about this long debated topic.
    As a matter of fact, I personally don't think that they are happier or luckier. It seems to me that nowadays children face more pressure from thUGG Fox Fur
    UGG Fox Fur Boote outside world: their parents want to get all the best things for them, and they hope their children are the best or will do best in the future. Hence disregard their true need, they arrange everything from huge amounts of books to read, piano training for several hours to shorter hours of outside playing with their buddies etc. Generally, their parents become over-control over them, and this might lead to their loss of identity or even make them become to rebel for everything you ordered. Gradually, the serious generation gap would appear, for they would not like to talk with their parents who act as if they are the boss or superior leaders. What they need is instead paUGG Knightsbridge
    UGG Knightsbridge Bootrents who treat them like friends.
    And I don't think they are luckier in today's life. You know, it is true that the development of technology brings lots of convenience to our society, but take Internet as an example, I could sense that most children are over-exposed to the adult society with the help of Internet. They could access easily to everything like terrorism, horror, sex, crime, drug or something else that they should know later. They become more like an adult at an earliUGG Raya
    UGG Raya Booter age, that is quite sad, for they can't enjoy too much of childhood life!

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